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maandag 24 oktober 2016

Shine a light : Australian shows announced

Good news for Australia : Today, the Australian leg of the 'shine a light' tour  was announced.

4 shows :
April 19, 2017 : Sydney Opera House
April 20, 2017 : The playhouse, Canberra
April 22, 2017 : Melbourne Recital Centre
April 23, 2017 : Melbourne Recital Centre

According to the websites :
Sydney and Canberra on sale on october 31.
Melbourne on sale on October 27.

vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Shine a light.... Music that echoes long since...

A Blog entry to listen to..... and share your memories.

Joe and Billy are traveling around bringing us their version of all these classic songs from the railroad.

I assembled a playlist with earlier and original versions of the songs on the 'Shine a light' album. I enjoyed doing that, and I hope you'll equally enjoy listening to them. You'll find them in the same order as Joe and Billy's album.

But I'll not leave you only with this list, but als some other versions I like to share with you.

First off all, in their linernotes, Joe and Billy spoke of Riley Puckett who recorded for the first time 'Railroad Bill'. I guess I stumbled on the borders of Spotify's possibilities, because I couldn't find it there. But you need to hear it :

Riley Puckett : Railroad Bill

I listened to Harry Belafonte's 'Midnight Special' and to be honest, it became my favorite version. Can't stop moving !

Harry Belafonte : Midnight Special

When you are from my generation, there is no way around Nirvana's In the Pines. The anger that's in that one....

Nirvana : Where did you sleep tonight

Now, I'm sure there are other one's that belong to your memory. Feel free to share it in a comment or email : Beautiful versions, rare stuff, songs with a personal story... It's an open invitation to your story. (Smilingly I add : That includes you to, Joe and Billy. )


dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

first Luísa Sobral track

Luísa sobral has released a first single of her upcoming album.

I don't know if it is available worldwide, so I hope you can hear it.

I love it ! A nice jazzy track that (I think) make her 1 of the current great female jazz singers.  The first influences I hear (for this song)  come from Melody Gardot's fabulous album 'My one and only thrill'. Combined with some wonderful instrumentation I link to Joe Henry's 'Blood From Stars'.

Editorial note : A live long of reading the news as I get it, made it natural for me to type : '1 of the great female jazz singers'. Thinking about this now : Would I also say '....great male jazz singers' ? I guess it should be 1 of the great jazz singers. 

Edit 19 October, 2016
If I translated correctly from glam magazine, Joe Henry said about this song :

"When I began producing this album, I heard not only raw blues, but also the warm folk, and that was one of the reasons that made me wanted so much to do this one. This song clearly shows the ambiance of this disc. A disc where the piano gives its role to the guitar. A disc that can not wait to be played live. "

vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Releasedate Luísa Sobral's new record

Joe Henry produced Luísa Sobral's upcoming album.

Releasedate is set for November the 18th, but only in Portugal if I understand it correctly. Elsewhere it will be released in 2017.
We also know, what it will look like.

zondag 9 oktober 2016

Son Of The Velvet Rat album.....Coming soon

A month ago, record label Mint 400 Records made the announcement, on twiter, that the Joe Henry produced album of Son of the Velvet Rat was signed to them.

For the moment, no specific date, but it seems that it is .... Coming soon.
A wonderful picture from, I assume, the recordingsessions was released. 

zondag 2 oktober 2016

The Joe Henry & Billy Bragg Christmas song coming up...

Had a great time performing at Levon Helms' Barn in Woodstock last night. After the sound check, Joe and I took the opportunity of being on hallow'd ground to record our Christmas song.

vrijdag 30 september 2016

Departure Americana Fest, and then...travelling around...

Joe and Billy Bragg have kicked of their 'shine a light' tour. I also received my order for the album, and I am really happy to have gotten a LP. The artwork and layout of the object in itself are really wonderful. maps, stories, pictures, liner notes....

I will leave all the reviewing of the songs to the reviews one finds ad pleases. I'll keep it short : "I adore the album !" 

On the 'shine a light' website also, are all the stations open
on the interactive map. So make sure to check that out.

Last week was Americana Fest, where Joe and Billy presented their album, and performed on several occasions. Let me try to give you, Joe and Billy's run don of those days.

First of all : Billy Bragg was presented the "Spirit of Americana / 1st Amendment / Freedom of Speech award". It was given to him by Joe and Ken Paulson.
Billy, for his turn, presented the "Americana President’s Award for Woody Guthrie" to Lucinda Williams. 

During award night, Joe had other knowledgeable appearances :
apparently Joe Henry came out and awkwardly vamps for four minutes to introduce The Milk Carton Kids.  (source)

Joe also paid tribute to Allen Toussaint, and performed a beautiful 'Freedom for the stallion'.  (With Levon Henry on sax)

see the full show at this link
Freedom for the stallion : 00:48:10
anouncing the Milk Carton Kids : 01:33:48 (keep listening to the song ! brilliant !)
Billy's award part : 01:59:37
I ain't got no home : 02:12:55

But off course, Joe and Billy played also a few shows to present the 'shine a light' album. For that, they also went on a live stream NPR Americana Alphabet show.

Gentle on my mind during a morning session entitled "Riffs on the Rails" at americanafest.

Joe also sat in, at a reading session from T Bone Burnett's biography. He also performed one of T Bone's songs.

And after that weekend, Joe and Billy embarked on their journey to present this album to the world.
Check out their concertschedule.
A first stop was in Pittsburgh for NPR's mountain stage live radio taping.

And also for NPR, but not yet released. Joe and Billy recorded a tiny desk concert.

If you don't like to know what they can play during a concert. Don't open this review. It has a setlist !

Other interesting articles :
Joe and Billy sat down to speak with Salon.  great interview called ride the trails with Billy Bragg and Joe Henry !

And to end with some music introduced for you by Billy and Joe : They put together a playlist of their favorite travel songs. It was presented by  the guardian. Check out their stories for each song !

If I missed other interesting news, feel free to contact me, or leave a comment with your story.